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Sink Or Swim

14 July
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Im Kaleigh, Im just your average 20 year old alcoholic beauty school drop out in the wrong decade who cant stay focused on anything long enough to save her life, who is obsessed with music and the arts, who still has stars in her eyes and hopes somewhere in the back of her mind she will be famous some day. Who believes you can save a life with kindness and comedy. Who wears her heart on her sleeve and gets hurt too often for her own good, but still wishes to meet someone who will treat her right and cuddle at night. Who struggles to balance her pros and cons and battles with her sanity, but still has hope that random acts of kindness, a little bit of love and forgiveness and an open mind could save the world from a lot of pain and suffering. Which is proving pretty hard to do these days.

Any Brushes I have used have come from:
Annika von Holdt
Jeffs Digital.com.
Quack! Digital Goodies.
Thanks So Much. If you have any problems contact me