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27 February 2007 @ 12:17 am
Write fifteen statements, intended for different people. Never tell which one corresponds to whom. Write things you've always wanted to tell people.

1. Im so glad that we arent awkward anymore. I hate that we let all that time pass, that we missed all those milestones that should have been us together. In the past week I was happier then ive been in a long time. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

2.You never give yourself enough credit. You are the greatest. You are my inspiration, but you need to get some things in your head straightened out.

3. I think you are hilarious, you remind me of me, but cooler, and i am way jelous.

4. You dont even know how fond of you i am. Im sorry we have not hung out for like 2 months. I really think you are one of the coolest people i have ever met. Almost to the point where you are almost at celebrity status in my mind.

5. You hurt me. A lot, and as much as i tell myself it is going to be okay, I sometimes think it will never stop hurting. I know it was for the better, but there are so many questions left unanswered that I dont think i want to know the answer to. I dont miss you though, i miss the company.

6. Thank you. Thankyou for seeing something in me I would have never thought existed if you didnt fight with me to bring it to the surface. I am forever greatful. Thankyou for asking all the right questions and being so accepting. You dont know how much you have shaped who it is that I am as a person today.

7. I hate that you are so far away. That we are so close and we arent in the same country. You have been there always when i needed it the most. We must party sometime.

8. I dont even understand our relationship. There has been so many fucked up things happen, yet through it all we never let it affect us personally. Thankyou for being caring, for giving me the experiences you did, and always being so kind. You are one in very few gentlemen left.

9. I dont care what you think of me. I know what I think of me and thats all that matters. You are so judgemental because you hate yourself and that will never get fixed by anything you put inside your body, there has to be a change in your head. You are a great person, half the time.

10. I look for you everytime im there. You are always around, and sneaking up on me. I see you and my stomache jumps. You have no clue that i feel this way about you. You are such an interesting person, I wish i had the courage to get to know you better.

11. I know that you and innocently being you, and i love it. I love teasing you and even though i know nothing will ever come of us, i continue to love crushing on you.

12. I cant figure out what it is that keeps you being my friend. I hate that our scheduals are so opposite. You are such a good, pure person. Its hard to find people like that in this world. Thanks for being there, having such inspiring words, and having your head on straight, most of the time.

13. There is a weird connection between us, but I feel compeltley comfortable around you. We have seen eachother in our worsts, yet if affects nothing. Thanks

14. You always seem to have this sense of when I need help. Whenever I think ive hit rock bottom you pop out of nowhere and we have a good time. When in lonley, you are the only friend, when i am sad, you cheer me up, when i am bored, you surprise me with something to do.

15. I never know what you think of me, and i consiously avoid myself of knowing. You are a great friend, but sometimes you have no sypathy, or even notice that i am upset. But i thank you for being there oh so much and cheering me up so much.
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twinny77 on March 5th, 2007 03:37 am (UTC)
i wish ours to each other wasnt so predictable. but then again, it saves me from over thinking and criticizing what could be about me.